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13rd May 2012 Sunday Meet

Again we had an excited event past. Locally we met with our friends and had breakfast together. One of our members sold his RX-8 and bought a new Evo X. We examined the details of the car.¬† when we looked at the trunk he has methanol injection for more boost and a new hks exhaust system. He never stops himself without tuning and stock car. Forced induction car owners always have wish list and these set ups are the necessity. On the road our RX-8’S exhaust are smells same as evo.

Some cosmetic upgrades and suspension set ups hit the event. Some of our friends bought Advan wheels and talked about it weights and rotational mass of the wheels. ”What wheel-tyre combo together will be the best solution for our cars ?” Question and Answers took brainstorming and people thinks how can RX-8 to be more faster.. Everybody talked about their spec list details, pros and cons about specs. At the end of the day our car event bringed us more passion. I am sure¬†everybody will be prepared their cars ready to the next event. See you again at the next event stories.

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