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15th December 2012 Caraudiosoul Meet

At the end of days were the year we met again together. Our sound system shop owner friend was invited us. Then we met on his shop together. The last days were the year and time weather was cold.

We gathered again and talked about what people doing on their cars. Plus of this info people also discussed their ideas in the forum of our website too but practically people told us their impressions and experiences. People who has have a RX-8 wanted to be the fastest. There was a competition between people who gathered together. That was the behaviour of the human kind, never tells anybody but feels it everytime of on its soul. Everybody were drank hot tea and coffee and eat some fast food and appetiser but that was not enough for us after the event we went through to eat more foods.

Finally the time was too late for the roll with the RX-8’s but we decided to continued it and finished the event on the other place. A little bit we burned tyres and revved up our rotary engines. That made us tired and hungry, the time was too late but we went to eat some food, the event finished on another cafe. See you on the next episode stories.

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