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20th July 2013 Summer Night Meet

Another biggest gathering together with RX-8 owners in another city in Ankara. Again it was an amazing event in the summer night. We have had eat dinner with together. After dinner we went outside to took photos of RX’s. We chose bright area because we wanted to take clean photos of the RX’s together. If you want to take clean photos lux and lumen is important to see every detail.  Lumen equals which tells what the total amount of light emitted from a flashlight or headlamp. Lux is used to measure the amount of light output in a given area one lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. These are important parametres when you took a photo. 

First we lined up the cars together in the parking area and talked about rotaries. One of our friends joined the event with his FC3S RX-7 it is still clean condition and looks amazing. Then we decided to roll out with the cars among the streets, took photos of the cars when we rolled on the road. Cars were looking clean at the night after wax and detailing before the meet we told people to wash the cars. Everybody came to the event with clean cars thanks to all and respect all of them again.

Finally we ended the meeting at the late time of the night with brap brap noises. Some of our friends burned tyres and spinned on the road but nothing happened to sad us. Everybody has finished the event without any problem. Thats the main point what we also want. See you again another event stories..

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