24th November 2013 Drag Event

Another biggest gathering together with drag event at K├Ârfez Circuit. Lots of different car owners joined the event and watched the fastest drag cars. I guess 500 or more cars joined that event too watch the drags, the area was crowded to many people at there.

We amazed the event and looked a bit around how people tuned their cars, whats new for tuning fashion and took some photos of the cars. Jdm cars again the powerful ones of the event, such as evo’s, sti’s, and the supra. You need that set up for being fast easily, our naturally aspirated cars also fun to drive but side by side you don’t have any chance between them, even you tuned it. You need that spool sound..

After the hours, all of us are too hungry and we decided to eat some delicious food. We found comfortable area to eat food, the event organizators prepared a place for people, we ate our foods. Finally the time passed and we left there to go home. Again what an amazing day finished with great people we are continue to show events. See you again another event stories..

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