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2nd June 2012 Summer Night Meet

Another event happened with new members joined of our. They came event meeting point from another cities from that point nearly 150 km over. This was happy to see more people joined of our group. As a summary of the event you can understand people may need to talk more about rotaries again on that event. 

We had talked about new member’s RX-8 custom made mazdaspeed bumper. There were so many experienced craftsmens in the country but you need the find one of them with reference. Because everbody knows custom works always be a headache and costs you much more than you think. Sometimes costs much from an original one. 

When everbody has started their RX-8 engines, parking area sounds exhaust symphony of the renesis 13b-msp sounds. All of the cars has a mid pipe exhaust set up at the event, sounds and smells unburnt fuel. Bad fuel economy bringed all of us happines because of rotary engine high rpm revving. it sounds puRE an amazing, you know every car enthusiast noticed it. See you again at the next event stories.

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