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30th December 2011 Rolling Meet

The last days were the 2011 and that was the last event of the year. People wanted to meet again and talked more about RX-8’s. One of our friends came from another country for that meet. It was unbelieveable. The day was dry and cold although the winter day also the roads were dry too. This was the best combo to roll the cars were together because of the rotaries likes cool weather. We were excited at that night. We had experienced of our tuning set ups and what we saw after roll. You may bought an anything but sometimes it won’t work. Then you can understand what you pay for and what you buy. Naturally aspirated tuning costs much more than forced induction. Rotary tuning is more difficult than others you always need experiences. That day people who joined theĀ  event experienced important rotary tuning tips. See you another event story soon.

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