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7th April 2013 Brunch Meet

One of our biggest gathering together with RX-8’s owners. Again it was an amazing event. Event had started with brunch. We have had a brunch with clean foods. After brunch we went outside and go through the parking are where cars located.

Talking started with about tuning everytime starts on that point than continues with what can they do or can not, pros and cons about rotary engines and about RX-8 tuning tips. Before the event we were organised about the event and in the forum people discussed about their tuning projects and wishes. A little more we talked about naturally aspirated tuning of the renesis engine and how can we got a bit more hp’s new theories began.

At the end of the event everybody started their cars and exhaust sounds echoed in the parking area. People enjoyed of the exhaust sounds. Many of our friends took photos and videos of the event and everybody excited about it.

Finally we decided to roll out with the cars, we lined up RX-8’s together and rolled from another place. When we were on the road many people from outside took our RX-8’s photos and videos too. See you again another event stories..

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