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7th September 2013 Brunch Meet

Another biggest gathering together with RX-8 owners. we met with friends and newbies joined us and we had breakfast together. We also talked about our cars and last time attack event. We had great time there and discussed the driving figures at the circuit and what do we need to be more faster with a naturally aspirated engine. But first experience of our cars daily used tyres won’t performance much you need performance tyres to get great times.

After talking we had breakfast together and talking continues. Some of our newbie had problem with its battery we removed it and charged then tried again but it won’t go last. It needs to be changed. Afterthat we rolled with RX’s on the road and took some photo and videos of the event.  People who joined the event had great time with us, everybody wanted to repeat it again. See you again at the next event stories.

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