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9th September 2012 Brunch Meet

The day was sunny and hot. Cars were also clean and shiny, conditions were perfect for the meet. Everybody was excited to joined meet again. Another meet happened with our friends who owns different brand such as honda owners. First we were meet then we made breakfast and talked about cars again. People talked and discussed about piston vs rotary tuning. And people who interested in RX-8 were got the knowledge about tuning and maintenance. Discussing performance wise and comfort were the main point of both S2K and RX-8 and the RX-8 is far ahead. 

We lined up the cars and took some photos of the clean cars. We were lucky about the weather and the sun light was perfect to took photos. JDM cars looking mean i think, when we lined up, this was the perfect scenery of the day. Some of our friends did custom tunes about their cars, we talked about the details about it again. Afterthat we rolled out with our cars. Words cant describe how the day was so i am going to put the video of the day. See you again with next meeting episode. 

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