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Ginetta Akula Revealed

Ginetta has a 60 years of automotive history knowledge and technology from their racing programmes. In 1960’s their G10 was a track monster.  Ginetta Akula has a naturally aspirated dry sumped  6.0 liter V8 engine and its mounted far behind the front axle. Engine produces 600 hp and 705 nm torque and the top speed of this beast is 200 mp/h is about 320 km/h. Power is transferring to the transmission with a sequential six speed gearbox and a differential linked to the engine through a carbon fiber shaft.

Ginetta Akula’s dry weight is about 1,150 kg, it has a great power to weight ratio. It doesn’t have an active aero system but aero generates great numbers of downforce for better driving at the track because of it is a race car. 

Interior of this track beast has a FIA spec roll cage, ABS, traction control, a reverse camera, and wireless phone charging. Ginetta plans to make 20 units in the first production at the end of this year and deliveries will be in January 2020.

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