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Mazda RX-8 Test Mule seen again at the Nürburgring

Mazda’s team have been working on a new rotary under the development. Last year we reported that Mazda appeared to be running an black Spirit R RX-8 test mule in Europe, but there’s no room in Mazda’s budget for a rotary power sports car until 2020.

The next rotary powered RX will have a range extender and need to get the fuel economy and emission rules. There is a video posted of the black RX-8 Spirit R test mule which captured by Carspotter Jeroen in July 23th 2019. What makes us think something is still on being tested because the track was open only for industry pool. The sound of the cars both blue RX-8 test mule and black RX-8 test mule have different exhaust tones in the video, we guess again there will be a two version of rotary powered vehicle under development like RX-8’s high power version and low power version. Maybe testing mules have various transmission, drivetrain and electronics differences like range extender units.

The black RX-8 Spirit R RX-9 test mule registration number HG DC 116 which was spotted at 2017 again in Nürburgring Track. The test mule registration number HG DC 116 belongs to the Mazda’s European R&D Center in Germany. 

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