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Rimac Automobili C_Two

The Rimac Automobili C_Two is an electric hypercar launched by the Croatian automaker. Rimac C_Two electric hypercar debuts at almost 2,000 horsepower. Rimac represents 1,914 hp 2,300 Nm of peak torque acceleration of 0-60 mph in 1,85 sec and 0-300 km/h in 11,8 sec. An innovative battery pack in technology and layout delivers 120 kWh energy and 1.4MW of power. As a true Grand Tourer the C_Two provides a generous 650 km NEDC range. Recognisable Rimac design DNA integrates a variety of aerodynamic features. Rimac has a 120 kWh Lithium-Manganese Nickel battery and four electric motors one for each wheel. While the front wheels use a single speed gearbox, the rear wheels each have a two speed gearbox for maximum speed.

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